Sierra Landscapes - Dustin Montgomery


Sunset - Rae Lakes, Kings Canyon, CA USA

This sunset was fueled by a winter storm rolling in. I'm having trouble standing still because of the gusts of wind that want to knock me off this rock. This hike was 42 tortuous miles through Kings Canyon and the John Muir/PCT trails. By the time we climbed over the mountains in the distance, it was 15F degrees with winds of about 50mph. The storm had dropped only 4 inches, but was enough to create blowing snow in arctic conditions. I was so cold waiting for the rest of the group to meet up, that I ended jogging up and down the hill to keep warmth. We ended up climbing down below the no fire line of 10000ft and camping (with a fire) at 9999ft! :)

SierraKings CanyonSunsetSelfie