Sierra Landscapes - Dustin Montgomery


Incline Village, NV

(To be read in a dramatic voice) - And there I stood, about 30ft above the rock-laden creek below. I needed to get to the other side to climb down here. The only way here was to traverse across the fragile icy top. And I said to the Lord, " Lord, please don't kill me now!" and I carefully trotted across narrowly escaping with my life. Then I hit a dead end and traversed back across, then I left my backpack and had to go back! Then across again! And finally to this spot. If anyone's counting, that was like five times back and forth! ;) Maybe the snow pack is stronger than I gave credit for... lol

All joking aside though - Still Scary as AF! I call the holes in the ceiling "fun chutes" because up top they are just the perfect size hole for an adult to slide down into this cavern.

Recommended Max Size: 45x30 on Metal or Metallic Print

AvalancheSnowIncline Village