About - Dustin Montgomery


While in the process of writing myself a bio, I thought to myself, “Wow! I sure do hate talking about myself!”. So instead of the usual blah, blah, blah, third person narrative, I’ll just go through some bullet points and a mini questionnaire to myself…I may even show you a picture of myself – oh wait, there's one, and there's another at bottom! And if we have time, a Powerpoint presentation highlighting the growing population of squirrels in my backyard. So, here we go!

- I own a camera
- I’ve lived in Incline Village on the north shore of Lake Tahoe since 1994. It is beautiful – you could say it is “picturesque”…anybody? Nope? Alright, moving on…
- I began the hobby in May of 2013 with the intention of using it on my newborn son. But then realized it could take pictures of other things. Ironically, today, I do not use it to take photos of my son.
- I am self taught.
- I am constantly looking to improve, and as such I am always experimenting and learning.
- I am a perfectionist.
- I am a neat freak, I’m OCD, but I’m just lazy enough to let messes slide…it’s a good balance!
- My other hobby is aquatics. I let my wife name my fish.
- I have yet to find “Funky Town”. I have looked at a map numerous times, yet sadly I have been unable to track it down.
- My other “Bio” is the opening intro lyrics to “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”. I find that a lot of foreigners don’t get my humor – they commend me for my bravery of being born and raised in west Philadelphia…

And now on to the interrogation portion of this torturous act of narcissism.

Dustin, let’s start with a two part question. Are you married and do you have any offspring?
- Yes. To my knowledge I have a wife and at least two boys. As of writing this, Liam is 18 months. Levi is 72 months. My wife Julia is too many months to count.

You say you live in Incline Village? Do you also work there?
- Yes I do. I work at the local veterinary hospital.

Oh, you like animals? Ever donated money while checking out at a Petsmart?
- No. No I haven’t.

Dustin, why landscape photography?
- Because I’m more of a nature lover than a people person.

And, finally, the lightning round for the last set of questions.

City of Birth?
- Houston, TX

Favorite Color?
- All of them.

Favorite Season?
- Winter

Biggest fear?
- Besides dropping my camera in a lake? A Volkswagon Bug full of clowns.

Favorite Quote?
- Never trust anything you read on the internet. – Abraham Lincoln

Favorite Sport?
- Basketball

And finally, does this look infected?
- …..ok, I’m done.